Historic7 is a historic car, endurance racing series on Gran Turismo Sport.

Corvette Stingrays sweeping through Spa

An alternative to the Gr3/Gr4 championships, Historic 7 is an opportunity to indulge a passion for classic cars, historic racing & esports.

Each championship round features a 7-minute sprint qualifying race, setting the grid order for the following 40-minute feature race. The feature race’s duration, available tyre choices, and tyre & fuel multiplier allow a variety of strategies to win the race.

Season One is limited to a single split of 14 drivers, randomly paired at the start of the championship to make 7 teams of two.

A fun championship, Historic 7 is built around enjoyable, driver-focus, strategy-influenced endurance racing.

The cars’ tunings have been designed to make them driveable and playful — rather than 100% historically accurate. Track combinations have been chosen to encourage clean, close and competitive racing throughout the grid.

This type of racing is built on respect and trust between drivers. So please drive in a manner that respects the efforts of your competitors.

Plus longer, strategy influenced races mean opportunities to progress through the field will come to the patient driver.

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