BMW M3 Sport Evolution '89

Mount Panorama

20th February 2022. 8pm

One last hurrah for Historic7 in Gran Turismo Sport as we tear around Mount Panorama like a bunch of flamin’ drongos in BMW M3 Sport Evolution ’89. The Sport Evolution, the final E30 type M3 model, is an era-defining performance saloon that some say couldn’t be improved upon. So, we’ve boosted the power to a nice round 300bhp, removed some dead pixels making it just over a ton, and fitted Sports Soft tyres.

Round Details

Date: 20th February 2022
Lobby Opens: 8pm

Practice: 8:05pm
Feature Race: 8:25pm

Car Settings

Power % (bhp): 128% (300bhp)
Weight % (kg): 90% (1,080kg)

Set-up Notes:
All other settings as default.

Race Settings

Time of Day: 16:30
Weather Conditions: Sunny

Max Tyre: Sports Soft
Min Tyre: Sports Soft

Tyre Wear Multiplier: 2x
Fuel Use Multiplier: 3x

Race Notes

The “Gran Turismo, Sport” Feature Race is 90-minutes long. Grid order will be set during a 15-minute practice session – starting at 8:05pm. No cars will be allowed on track before this time.

Following the practice session, there will be a 5-minute break for refreshments. All cars to enter “Auto Drive mode” – by pressing the Options button – during this period.

Feature Race start time is ~8:25pm.

Race Results

Feature Race

Results Coming Soon!

Historic7 YouTube

Race Replay

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